Thursday, May 2, 2019

U-Boat: A First Look at a new Submarine Simulation and Crew Management Game

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Today, I'm posting about a new game which just entered early access on April 30th, 3 days ago. The game is U-Boat and it's a combination of a U-Boat simulation game and a typical personal management game. In U-Boat, you control your German Type VII submarine as you stalk the seas in a very Silent Hunter III like experience. Some interesting differences between this and other submarine games like Silent Hunter are, the ability to walk through your entire boat in a first person view, as well as interact with many more systems and sub systems than most typical submarine games. While you're doing this, you also need to ensure your crew stays fed, rested, and at their tasks. Additionally, the game gives you a diagram side scrolling view of the world if you want to play the game in a 3rd person view.

Overall, I'm really enjoying U-Boat and think this is the foundations of what could be a tremendous game. The game still has some bugs and the controls are clunky and need work. It's very much an early access game but one I'm happy to support, so long as they iron out it's current issues. This game is a lot of fun!

If you want to learn more check out my first look video below.

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