Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Out of the Park Developments Announces Beyond the Sidelines!

The guys over at Out of the Park Developments have announced a new franchise, Beyond The Sidelines Football, an American Football simulation game in the same vein as their other titles. It's been a big year for OOTPD introducing two new franchises in the last 12 months in Franchise Hockey Manager and Beyond the Sidelines. Prior to this year OOTPD hadn't introduced anything outside of baseball in over a half decade (and with the spin off of their boxing game baseball and these two new games make up the entire portfolio of OOTPD). It will be interesting to see how BTS is received. Franchise Hockey Manager has definitely gone through some growing pains and its likely another new franchise will see similar issues but if they can execute OOTPD is really setting themselves up to be the dominant player in the sports simulation market.

Watch my video on the BTS announcement for more info on what we know so far.

Official BTS Football Press Release 

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