Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello World!

Hey, I want to welcome you to my Blog, "The Historical Gamer".

For almost a year now I have been making YouTube videos on my Channel over-there also with the a fore mentioned name. Over that year I have been making videos that focus on Historical video games and I have posted, discussions, reviews, and commentaries on a wide range of historical games, from Baseball games, to PC games, and even a few Android games. Several times over the past few months I have been asked by a couple of different viewers if I had my own blog dedicated to the Historical Gamer channel, until now I had not.

Therefore, since there was apparently some interest in a blog I decided to create one. Now I warn you, I am not the greatest writer, nor will I edit my posts terribly intensively. The Blog will give me a new element to interact with people who are interested in Historical games and also allow me to be a bit more active than I currently am. This blog will therefore serve two purposes. First, since my job currently prevents me from posting daily or even weekly videos all the time, I will be able to be more active by posting various topics that come to me when maybe I don't have time to put together a game play and secondly the blog will let me more freely discuss topics and games that I do not yet have access to (I always have disliked commenting on a game I am not playing while doing the commentary).

If you have thoughts or ideas please don't hesitate to share them, I hope I can build this blog into a community where everyone enjoys expressing their opinion and driving an intellectually stimulating debate about Historical video games.

Welcome, and please stay feel free to stay awhile.


The Historical Gamer

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